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Additional Instructional Videos are available via: https://monkeysee.com/?s=rob+kingsbury

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Self-trained chocolatier Rob Kingsbury embraced his Vermont maple sugar roots and inherited his love of confection making from his grandparents. Starting with his family's recipes, Rob tweaked them with finer chocolate, but maintained the quality ingredients and recipe integrity passed onto him. Today his maple popcorn crunch drizzled in chocolate is a daily thank you to his grandparents love of family and sweets — who sold their original maple popcorn at a roadside stand. Today's chocolates and confections showcase Kingsbury's sophisticated whimsy.

Find out what are some of Rob's favorite culinary treats......

Favorite Ice Cream 
Ben & Jerry's hands down the best. Love the Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch. I used to go to the original store when I was a kid in Burlington, Vermont (which was previously a gas station) and sit at a picnic table enjoying their amazing ice creams.

Favorite Chocolate Bar 
As far as OTC (over the counter) bars are concerned, I loved the Chunky Bar as a kid. Raisins and almonds in a square of milk chocolate wrapped in silver foil. They're hard to find anymore, so I created my own version with the addition of tart cherries and dried blueberries. Now, for my favorite bar of my own creation, that would be my Shoyu bar. I slow roasted almonds that have soaked in soy sauce, then sprinkle them onto a smooth dark chocolate with a hint of French sea salt. 

Favorite Imported Chocolate 
A bittersweet chocolate bar using a 72٪ single-origin Criollo beans from Ecuador. Beautiful underlying notes of cherry and the smoothest texture you will ever experience make this a memorable chocolate.

Champagne or Wine with Chocolate 
Champagne with white chocolate dipped strawberries. Dark chocolate will seize in your mouth with champagne (or Prosecco and Cava) and create an unpleasant texture. Red wine with dark chocolate and an oak aged chardonnay with white or milk chocolate.

Favorite Willy Wonka Movie 
Hmmm... Visually the second movie was mesmerizing, but the first one with Gene Wilder ranks top in my heart.

Favorite Confection 
My triple nut cluster. It always satisfies my chocolate cravings. A layer of rich dark chocolate is generously covered with salt roasted almonds, peanuts, and walnuts - then topped with my fleur de sel caramel, and capped off with another layer of dark chocolate. Addictive.

~Best chocolates available in the U.S. in my opinion. There is nothing "typical" about Kingsbury chocolates. The use of fine ingredients is obvious; it's the perfect, if sometimes unusual, ingredient choices that really make these a winner.

~My uncle, a food writer said your salted caramels were one of the best desserts he's ever had! Just wanted to let you know your chocolates were hugely successful again!

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